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Den's Model Supplies

A shop for the traditional modeller

Hi, Thanks for visiting my site.

If like me you are a lifetime modeller, then I'm sure that you have fond memories of modelling 'as it used to be'. A time of simpler values, when the object was fun and the technology and skills involved were practical, that's why 'Dens Model Supplies' has been created. This site is unashamedly nostalgic and offers modelling items that recapture those values. I say modelling items because I have a general interest that has included aircraft, boats and cars in my 50 year modelling career, so in due course any of them may appear!

However my first love has always been Model Aircraft and I am pleased to announce my appointment as exclusive UK Agent for Black Hawk Models. I can supply these traditional Control Line and Free Flight kits direct to you without the delay and expense involved in ordering from the States. Order directly from within the UK and apart from the speedy service, you will avoid paying import costs.

Enjoy your browse and feel free to contact me if you want any further information… I look forward to being of service.

Happy modelling,
Den Saxcoburg

PS… If you want to know more about me, please visit my personal site at:

Black Hawk Models

Blackhawk Models is based in Long Beach California and is a Veteran owned business that is proud to be associated with the ethos of the Blackhawk Squadron. They have a genuine belief in the value of aero modeling as an activity that can provide fun, education, and pride of achievement, particularly to youngsters.

The Blackhawk Models range of traditional Control Line and Free Flight kits put the fun back in to aero modelling and will appeal to beginner or expert alike. The range is based on past designs that are unashamedly nostalgic but practical examples of simple aero modelling at its best. You are welcome to visit the main Black Hawk Models site at:

So who are the Black Hawk Squadron
and who is Captain Blackhawk???

Not well known in the UK but famous in the States, Captain Blackhawk is a comic book hero, he formed the Blackhawk Squadron to fight tyranny wherever it appeared with his multi national squadron members. Their career spanned more than fifty years, making them some of the longest lived characters in the comic book universe. To find out more about the Blackhawk Squadron Comic please click this link: