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E-ZEE Control Line Mini Timer


E-ZEE Control Line Mini Timer


The ECLm is an entry level timer that still offers enough features to make it the ideal choice for most ECL sports models. Motor power and run duration are adjustable -fixed motor ramp up and down periods, end of flight warnings and a user selectable option of a fixed 30 sec start delay to allow solo operation are all included as standard. NOTE This timer is intended to be mounted externally on the fuselage side nearest the pilot, if your application requires the timer to be inaccessible you will need to use the ECL 7 which has provision for remote Pushbutton and LED controls

Key Features

• Flight duration:- adjustable 10 to 300 seconds, set in 10 second and 1 minute increments

• End of flight warnings - visual (high intensity LED) and motor power ‘burps’

• Motor power:- adjustable from zero to full throttle

• Motor soft start:- fixed 1 second

• Motor run down:- fixed 5 seconds

• Optional fixed start delay (for solo operation) 30 seconds

• Push button immediately stops the motor at any point during the flight profile

• Flight duration and power settings saved in memory- even with the battery dis connected single button push repeats previous flight.

The Timer is supplied with a comprehensive user manual and Instruction videos are available on You Tube here:-

Video 1 Introduction

Video 2 Setting Flight Duration

Video 3 Setting Motor Speed

Video 4 Setting Start Delay

PCB Dimensions

L 19mm W 14mm D 7mm
Weight 2 gm