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E-ZEE FF Combined Electric Motor Power and Servo Operated DT Timer


E-ZEE FF Combined Electric Motor Power and Servo Operated DT Timer



Accurate and repeatable control of motor power, run and DT timing plus an optional RDT override make for enjoyable frustration free flight sport flying. The E-ZEE Free Flight timer has been designed and developed so that sports flyers can enjoy all these advantages at a realistic price.

This timer controls motor power and run-time (via an ESC) and after a further delay drives a D/T servo to terminate the flight. The motor power is set by a single turn potentiometer and the motor run and D/T periods are set by a simple push button / LED interface. In addition the motor ramp up and ramp down times can be set by the user. These can be used to avoid sudden torque excursions and to ensure a smooth transition into level flight.The timer has an RDT interface which both powers the RDT receiver and processes its trip signal, allowing flights to be terminated at will.

Key Features

• motor run duration:- adjustable 1 to 90 seconds, set in 1 second increments
• d/t duration:- adjustable 10 seconds to 10 minutes, set in 10 second increments
• motor power:- adjustable at all times from zero to full throttle (by potentiometer)
• motor soft start:- adjustable 0 to 10 seconds
• motor run down:- adjustable 0 to 10 seconds
• option to reverse DT servo direction of rotation to suit installation in model
• RDT compatible
• push button immediately stops the motor at any point during the flight profile
• duration settings saved in memory so a single button push can repeat the flight.
• provision to fit remote pushbutton and remote LED
• ESC configuration capability

PCB Dimensions

Length 34mm Width 20mm Height 11mm
Weight 4gm

For installations where the timer is inaccessible remote pushbuttons and LED’s are available

The timer is supplied with a comprehensive instruction manual and users guide