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E-ZEE Free Flight Mini Timer


E-ZEE Free Flight Mini Timer


The EFFm is a smaller, lighter and simpler version of the EFF4 which is designed for use with Ebeneezer type sports models that do not use a DT, or for use with FF models that have a separate stand-alone DT or RDT system.
To save weight and achieve a size reduction, there is no provision for a remote LED or pushbutton, driving a DT servo or responding to an RDT receiver. To simplify the user interface, only the main parameters of motor power and run duration are adjustable. However it does include (fixed) motor ramp up and motor ramp down, the latter feature is useful in preventing a power-off stall at the end of the motor run.

Key Features

• motor run duration adjustable 1 to 90 seconds, set in 1 or 10 second increments

• motor power adjustable from zero to full throttle

• motor soft start fixed 1 second

• motor run down fixed 5 seconds

• push button immediately stops the motor at any point during the flight profile

• duration and power settings saved in memory single button push repeats flight.

The timer is supplied with a comprehensive user manual and there are four You Tube Instruction Videos available here: -

Vid 1 Introduction

Vid 2 Setting Motor Run Time

Vid 3 Setting Coarse Motor Speed

Vid 4 Setting Fine Motor Speed

PCB Dimensions

L 19mm W 14mm D 7mm
Weight 2 gm