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Servo Operated Glider Timer - Towline Release Start - Straight or Circle Tow


Servo Operated Glider Timer - Towline Release Start - Straight or Circle Tow


The SDG 4 replaces the SDG 3 having an upgrade to a new purpose made pcb and minor software changes but is essentially the same specification as the original SDG3

D/T timing to starts only when the glider leaves the towline and requires fitting the glider with a set of towline operated con-tact’s which communicate with the timer.

The timer software caters for both straight and circle tow techniques as well as manual start if required

An optional piezo sounder can be connected to the timer which emits regular beeps following D/T to allow fliers to more easily locate models landing in tall grass/crops or on the far side of a boundary hedge etc. Typically a sounder equipped model can be heard up to 50 metres away (Sticks & Tissue No103)

A continuous monitoring function in all flight phases as well as standby to detect dangerously low battery voltage. This causes an immediate D/T, which can prevent a fly-away if the model is aloft or prevent a launch should the model be on the ground.

Key Features
• operates from a single 3.7v Li-Po battery (50/70mAHsuggested)
• d/t duration:-adjustable 10 seconds to 10 minutes
• optional(beeping)piezo sounder assists model location after D/T
• option to commence D/T timing period only upon towline release
• low battery voltage cut-out (3.3V) operates D/T for safety
• piezo resonance set-up routine to optimise volume of the sounder
• push button immediately cancels the flight at any time
• duration setting saved in memory so a single button push serves to repeat a flight

Length 25mm Width 15mm Height 11mm Weight 2.6gm

The timer is supplied with a comprehensive instruction manual and users guide