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DH Mosquito

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DH Mosquito


Known as the Wooden Wonder and the Timber Terror, this unorthodox design used a plywood structure of spruce and balsa when wood and fabric construction was considered outdated. Because of its speed and agility, and the De Havilland Mosquito proved to be one of the best all around planes in the RAF during WW II. As a medium bomber it performed un-escorted raids deep into enemy held air space. As a fighter it was a match for the best the Germans had to offer. And as a photo-recon plane it could fly in low over it's target and get away before the Germans could react. One reason for the Mosquito's success was that it was one of the world's first stealth aircraft because it's wooden structure did not show up on German radar screens! Now you can enjoy the fun of twin engine performance. This reproduction kit, originally made by READYMADE MODELS CO. of London England, is now available to you through Black Hawk Models!

WING SPAN: 28ins
WING AREA: 112ins
ENGINES (Twin or Single): .061 to .15
Kit includes:
Profile fuselage
Solid shaped wing
Complete hardware package with rubber wheels
Can be flown with or without landing gear
Colorful period aircraft markings