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The FS Series of kits are Walt Musciano designs intended for any of the Cox Bee series with an integral radial mount fuel tank. They were originally kitted by Scientific Models in the 50s and 60s and are highly regarded in the States. Most feature a simple and strong hollow log solid fuselage, solid pre-shaped wings, tail feathers, and plywood firewalls. These cute and classic models look great and fly well. See the accessories section for a kit that enables beam mount motors to be fitted, and a removeable spats kit to dress up your model for display.

Also of note is the AC 1400 Cyclone, this is a larger version of the FS type kits with plenty of space in the fuselage for an internal tank. This allows easy installation of any non tanked Cox Engine and conversion to beam mount engines is also simple

For those wanting to use a non tanked Cox engine, the profile PS 3900 PT 19 is recommended, designed specifically for the Cox Sure Start engine, the models flying abilities will be further improved by the fitting any of the other higher performance non tanked Cox engines. Another favourite for the non tanked Cox is the PS 660 Lil Bat...with two models in one kit, this is an easy way to get flying 1/2A quickly and cheaply and have a spare model just in case!

The PS 3500Nobler and PS 2900 Mustang kits are designs by Dick Sarpolus, well known designer, flyer, and author. He is noted for his great flying, innovative models. These are intended for higher-powered beam mount engines such as the Cox TD 049 or the PAW 049/06, these larger size kits are a thrill to fly for sport or in slow combat.

All kits contain top grade balsa wood parts and a complete hardware package, they are designed to assemble quickly and get you into the air fast! Experienced builders will get a great deal of enjoyment from these 1/2A kits and beginners will find they are an excellent choice for a first project.