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ACE Electric Control Line Trainer

Electric Control Line (ECL) is clean and quiet and allows solo operation in your local park, ideal for the 21st Century environment. The huge Electric RC market ensures that components such as motors and ESC’s for ECL are available at very attractive prices and are totally reliable. Battery technology has progressed such that the weight of an electric power train can be similar or better than conventional glow or diesel power.

World class aerobatic Control Line pilots have been quick to use the technology as it ensures the perfect motor run every time. The competition ECL avionics are often too sophisticated for the sports flyers needs. The E-ZEE Control Line timer has been designed and developed over a number of years so that sports flyers can enjoy all these advantages at a realistic price.

The ACE Trainer is a perfect for beginners or for those wishing to get back in to Control Line after a break enjoying other AeroModelling activities.....if the ACE is out of stock I am making more kits....let me know if you want one and get in the queue

The ACE + was used to set the 24hr British National two cell Electric Control Line Duration Record in 2021